Isiah Thomas Corrects Person's Confusion Over His Poster's Inclusion in 'Home Alone'

The two-time NBA champion reminded the fan that he was born and raised in Chicago, where the classic holiday movie was set in.

(Photo by Paras Griffin / WireImage)

Isiah Thomas had to check a fan who thought he wasn't a basketball star in the early '90s. 

On Saturday, the two-time NBA champion chimed in on a tweet of a fan who questioned his status in the league. The original tweet contained a still from the film Home Alone that showed a poster of Thomas hanging up on the wall of Kevin McCallister's room. 

According to the fan, no kid in Chicago in the '90s would have a poster of Thomas on the wall, given the Bulls' rivalry with the Pistons at that time. However, Thomas is a Chicago native and let the person know he's respected in his city.

"My one and only criticism of the first HOME ALONE is that there is no way a kid living in 1990 Chicago would have an Isiah Thomas poster up in his room," the person wrote.  

Thomas replied, "I'm not sure how old you are. 89-90 I was back to back champion with the Detroit Pistons, Born and raised on the west side of Chicago, where a street is named after my mother MARY THOMAS Lawndale, Garfield, Austin is where I lived in Chicago."

Thomas became a basketball star growing up in Chicago. He attended Our Lady of Sorrows School and St. Joseph High School and played for coach Gene Pingatore. He also led St. Joseph to the state finals in his junior year and was considered one of the top college prospects in the country.

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