Bryce Harper Helps Young Boy Find His Family Right Before Phillies Game

The boy was separated from his family while they were taking pictures of the Phillies players and coaches.

(Photo by Brandon Sloter/Image Of Sport / Getty Images)

Bryce Harper is a star on the baseball field, but he proved he's an even better human when he helped a seven-year-old boy find his family over the weekend. 

During the Phillies promotional photo night where fans get to take pictures with the players, Harper was seen consoling the child, named Caleb, who was crying off to the side amongst a crowd of people. In a video shared on social media, the seven-time All-Star can be seen talking to the kid as he pointed to where he was sitting with his family. 

According to the MLB, Caleb was separated from his brothers when they went to take pictures with the Phillies staff. An NBC Sports reporter posted a selfie that Harper took with the three brothers after reuniting with their grandmother.

Twitter: @TarynNBCS

Twitter: @TarynNBCS

Harper's effort before the game wasn't the only heroic thing he did on Saturday night. The 30-year-old helped his team seal the 9-6 victory against the Kansas City Royals with a home run. The Phillies are currently in second place in the National League East with a record of 61-51 and have an upcoming six-game homestand against the Washington Nationals and Minnesota Twins.

Elsewhere in the MLB, Tim Anderson of the Chicago White Sox was dropped by the Cleveland Indians' José Ramírez during a bench-clearing brawl in a game last night. The brawl happened during the sixth inning when Ramirez slid into second base through the legs of Anderson.

Anderson looked down at Ramirez, who held out a hand to get some help to stand on his feet, but Anderson ignored the gesture. Both men gained their balance and put their fists up to fight. Punches were thrown as teammates and coaches ran to the scene before Ramirez hurled a right hand at Anderson that caused him to fall to the ground. 

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