Meek Mill Explains Why Allen Iverson Is So Important to Philly

Meek Mill reflects on what it was like being a Philly resident and looking up to NBA great Allen Iverson.

During a recent visit to Stadium Goods with Joe La Puma and Complex's Sneaker Shopping crew, Meek Mill got to talking about Allen Iverson's impact on the city of Philadelphia. It was a fitting time to tell the tale, considering that a) Allen's a Sneaker Shopping vet and b) both Allen and Meek have put the city of Philadelphia on their backs during their careers.

"To me, Allen Iverson was running our city at the time," Meek explained. "He was the only person you could see with your own two eyes in a Rolls Royce; you get motivated different than when you see it on TV."

It sounds like, to Meek, Iverson was the total package. "A.I. had the style, he had the charisma, the braids, everything," he continued. "He was doing what he wanted on the court. That's what we live by in Philly: do whatcha want, never let the game change you to the point where you're not even yourself. A.I. was doing his own thing, that was my favorite player growing up."

Meek spoke on actually meeting Allen Iverson later in life, which he described as being a "dream."

"We used to be on the corner like, 'Man, I wonder what Allen Iverson is doing right now,'" Meek remembered. "It was definitely a dream to meet A.I. and be around him and be a part of his life."

Check out the full episode of Sneaker Shopping with Meek Mill here.

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