The NBA wouldn't be the same if it wasn't for Allen Iverson. His style on and off the court inspired a new generation of players to express themselves through the way they play the game and how they dress. He's also a sneaker legend, too, through his signature shoes with Reebok, which makes him the next—and most candid so far—guest on Sneaker Shopping.

Iverson and Joe La Puma connected at Lapstone & Hammer in Philadelphia, where he spent the majority of his NBA career, and kept it real about how much sneakers meant to him growing up: including a tale about how his mom got him a pair of Nike Air Revolutions back in the day, and his household ended up getting the lights shut off because of it. He talks about wanting to be Michael Jordan growing up and wishing they had Georgetown colorways of Air Jordans when he went to school there.

To see what he purchased, watch the episode above.