Wiz Khalifa Performs at WWE RAW, Leaves Vince McMahon Looking Very Confused

Wiz Khalifa x WWE's Damien Mizdow = #Wizdow

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A few things come to mind after looking at this picture of Wiz Khalifa, stoner rap superstar, shake hands with Vince McMahon, WWE King:


  1. How many wrinkles did Wiz count on Vince's temple? 

  2. Was the security guy in the middle of the picture able to communicate anything of value? (He looks distressed, like he ran 26 miles to tell Vince to NOT shake Wiz's hand or something. Oh well, too late.)

  3. Does Vince know who Wiz is?

  4. Does Wiz know who Vince is? 

  5. Do they like each other's hair? 

  6. What are Vince's first words after concluding the handshake? Bets are on: "Put that damn camera down and give me some hand sanitizer," and "Excuse me, I have to take a shit now." 

All in all, this looked like the most uncomfortable meeting of hip-hop and wrestling coming together. After meeting Vince, the rest of Wiz's night at WWE RAW seemed much more upbeat. He hung out with John Cena, the wrestler-rapper he collaborated with for a few WWE 2K15 soundtrack cuts. (Warning: both songs are bangers, no joke.)

Damien Mizdow rapped for Wiz in one of the night's sketches, which surprisingly lead to #Wizdow becoming a trending topic on Twitter. 


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He also performed a medley on RAW, including two songs you've never heard before: "We Dem Boyz" and "Black and Yellow."


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We're very thankful for this performance, because it showcased Wiz's energy as a performer AND provided wonderful GIF-worthy moments of white people dancing awkwardly. Uproxx had these to share: 

Wiz even had some advice for Mizdow after the show: "Keep letting them locks grow man. They look good."


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