Uniformed Cop Gets Crossed Up By Kid, Embarrasses Police Everywhere (Update)

That kid put the cop on his hands and knees.

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Is this the IRL embodiment of Dave Chappelle's "play for your freedom" stand-up bit? After giving the sauce to the first cop, the yung basketball gawd was challenged by his partner. Wrong move bro. 2 for 2 incoming: 


We're not sure of where these kids are balling out of (Philadelphia?), but if you know, hit us up using the email below.

Put those officers on desk duty. 


UPDATE: Thank you to reader Antoine for letting us know the identity of our hero. He's 21-year-old Samir Hill from West Philadelphia, a former point guard at Overbrook High and current player for Allegany College of Maryland, where Steve Francis played juco ball. For the full story behind Samir's game against these two cops, check out our interview with him here

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