Report: Eagles Trying to Trade Sam Bradford for Johnny Manziel and Picks in Effort to Draft Marcus Mariota

According to a report, the Eagles are going all-out for Marcus Mariotta, their plan involves Johnny Manziel.

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Depending on if you're LeSean McCoy or Complex Sports' Deputy Editor, this NFL offseason has convinced you of one of two things: Eagles head coach Chip Kelly is either a no-good troll who views his players with some sort of Darren Rovell-esque anti-humanity, or he's a brilliant man with a real plan and you're just a load of table salt. Pick sides now, because the latest trade rumor involving the Eagles is, on it's face, very divisive. 

According to a report from Chat Sports' Mack Ferguson, the Eagles are "hell-bent" on moving up to draft Marcus Mariota, and they're looking to go the Daryl Morey asset-piling route in order to do so. Ferguson says the Eagles are discussing a trade with the Cleveland Browns that would see newly-acquired quarterback Sam Bradford sent to the Browns in exchange for Johnny Manziel and draft picks.

St. Louis Rams head coach Jeff Fisher confirmed last month that the Browns were interested in Bradford before the Eagles pulled the trigger, and past rumors have stated that the Browns offered a first-round pick for Bradford. There's definitely mutual interest here, and if you add the reports that the Browns are ready to move on from Manziel, this rumor seems sensible. 

Right now, Ferguson says there are two hold-ups: 1) Bradford is unwilling to commit to the Browns beyond this season, after which he's a free agent, and 2) The Browns won't offer a draft pick higher than their second-rounder, while the Eagles want one of their first rounders (the Browns have No. 12 and No. 19 overall) PLUS Manziel, a former first-round pick himself. In Kelly's mind, the Eagles need another first round pick to complete their pyramid scheme plan to draft Mariota. 

Chip Kelly and the Eagles are ridiculous and fun and I hope to Lombardi this trade actually happens. Manziel x Mariota will make a fantastic "M&M" tandem of promise bin hope. Go football. 

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