Serena Williams' Daughter Already Has Her Own Instagram

Alexis Olympia Ohanian is not even one month old but already has a great Instagram with over 42,000 followers.

Alexis Olympia Ohanian, Jr., Serena William’s newborn daughter, is not even one month old, and she already has an Instagram with the perfect personalized handle and a healthy amount of followers. She already has two photos up, and she’s closing her eyes in all of them, which is not only very relatable but also a very adorable thing to do.

Olympia’s first post is a typical baby photo: she’s cuddling up next to what can only be her mom and sporting a yellow onesie with an ice cream cone on the front. She is supporting her head on her fist, in a pose that signals that she’s either about to become the greatest intellectual of her generation or the sassiest little girl to be born this year. Or, you know, both.

Her most recent post is also a particularly strong post, this time showing little Olympia taking in her mom’s footsteps and flexing her little biceps for the camera. She’s sporting a typical onesie that says “Smart and strong, like my mama,” which haas now become the most coveted item of baby clothing on the planet (I would assume.)

Thanks to her parents—Serena Williams, who needs no introduction, and Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit—Olympia already has quite a presence on multiple forms of social media. About two weeks after she was born, Serena posted the first photo of her to her own Instagram account, while her dad Alexis posted a video of Serena’s journey from pregnancy to birth, featuring many never-before-seen photos and videos.

Olympia's social media presence was blessed from the start, and that was before she racked up over 42,000 followers before even celebrating her first month of life. When Serena went into labor, all of her celebrity friends, including her sister Venus, Beyoncé, Ciara, and Roger Federer took to Twitter to wish her well and to welcome Olympia into the world with open arms.

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