Vince Young Forced to Auction Off Nearly All of His Possessions to Settle a Debt

So sad.

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On Monday morning, Vince Young had some visitors at his home on the 12000 block of Legend Manor in Southwest Houston. And they weren't friends or acquaintances. Instead, they were three Harris County deputy constables, who were there to seize everything from jewelry to expensive artwork, in an effort to collect on a $1.7 million debt that Young owed to a company called Pro Player Funding.

During the 2011 NFL lockout, Young took out a high-risk loan which he defaulted on and was subsequently taken to court. In July 2012, the court ruled in favor of Pro Player Funding, which explains the deputy constables' presence earlier in the week. While VY is allowed to keep up to $60,000 as “exemptions,” everything else needed to be taken to be put on sale in a public auction in the near future. 

We hope Young can turn this negative moment into a positive one soon. And hey, at least he has a degree from the University of Texas to fall back on.   

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