Shane Battier Was Surprised With An Absurd Amount of Bud Light, Courtesy of Bud Light

26,400 cans of beer on the wall...

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You know, we've had plenty, and we mean, plenty to say about Shane Battier. But right now, we would like to mend fences with Battier because, let's not beat around the bush here, we want to get our hands on some free brew. You see, during Miami's 27-game winning streak, Battier maintained a superstition of only drinking Bud Light. So, the beer company decided to reward Battier's loyalty by providing him with 1,100 cases, or 26,400 cans in total. 

So...yeah...we good, Battier? Need any help polishing off those Bud Lights? 

[via Beyond The Buzzer]

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