Phil Jackson Says Kobe Bryant Is "Very Sensitive" to Criticism

A different side of Kobe.


Kobe Bryant has swam with sharks, delivered in pressure situations and once told Michael Jordan"I can kick your ass one on one" to his face. So, it may be shocking to hear "sensitive" and Kobe in the same sentence, but that's the word Phil Jackson used when talking about how The Black Mamba handled criticism in an interview earlier today with ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd. 

“He’s very sensitive,” Jackson said Wednesday to ESPN Radio’s Colin Cowherd. “I had to be really careful in criticizing him. I learned immediately as I started to deal with him as a young man how sensitive he was in particular if it was done in a group setting. My criticism was best done if it was in my office or alone.”

Phil needed to treat Bryant with kid gloves? Sounds crazy, but if there's somebody that knows Kob' more than anyone else, it's The Zen Master. Nowadays, that mentality must be a thing of the past since Kobe wants his teammates to yell at him when he's not passing the ball

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[via Inside The Lakers]

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