Maria Sharapova Rips Serena Williams Over Her Controversial Statements Regarding Steubenville Rape Case

It' go...down.

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Ohhhhh man! Things are about to get real serious, very soon. You may recall that four days ago, a Rolling Stone interview involving Serena Williams surfaced where the 31-year-old star revealed some controversial thoughts about the Steubenville rape case. Obviously, the response wasn't well received when you consider Serena said that the poor 16-year-old who was raped by two high school football player was "lucky," so Williams released an apology shortly thereafter. 

During a pre-Wimbledon press conference, the matter was brought up around Maria Sharapova and laid into Serena while bringing up some dirty laundry all at the same time. Hit the thumbs to check out her remarks.

Serena and Patrick Mouratoglou may have some explaining to do. So, yeah, this is definitely not the last we heard of this story.    

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