Leonard Fournette and Shaq Lawson Ejected for Fighting During Game

Leonard Fournette and Shaq Lawson were ejected in the third quarter of Sunday's Bills/Jaguars game for swinging at one another during a sideline altercation.

This is a picture of a football fight.

Brett Carlsen/Getty Images

This is a picture of a football fight.

The Week 11 showdown between the Jacksonville Jaguars and Buffalo Bills had "pass" written all over it. After all, it was a game that featured a typically mediocre Bills squad and the suddenly disappointing Jaguars. With both teams headed nowhere fast, why would we even bother watching? That decision turned out to be a big mistake because we missed out on seeing the craziest fight of the season unfold live. 

Late in the third quarter, Jaguars wide receiver Donte Moncrief and Bills cornerback Levi Wallace were wrestling for possession of the ball on the sidelines when other players on both teams started shoving one another. Things got really out of hand when Leonard Fournette swooped in from the sidelines to come to the defense of fellow Jags running back Carlos Hyde, who was getting physical with Buffalo's Shaq Lawson. 

From the moment Fournette stepped into the fracas, he was ready for all the smoke, squaring up and all the way ready to throw some punches.  

Their fight got dangerously close to the stands where Fournette's helmet popped off as they wrestled one another. "He's hitting Carlos [in the] back of his head. Carlos was getting jumped by whatever number. He [the other player] was pushing him and he [Lawson] come pushed him and I did what I had to do," Fournette explained about his involvement. "I mean, that's my brother. All of them are my brothers. I don't know ya'll was raised, that's just me." The altercation bled out to the tunnel after both players were ejected for fighting. 

Fournette recently hopped on Twitter to issue an apology for his "totally out of character" behavior. 

Even though he clearly threw punches, Pro Football Talkbelieves Fournette will not be suspended. 

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