Kobe Bryant Reveals His Favorite Album of All-Time

Good call by KB?

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Have you ever wondered what album Kobe Bryant would call the greatest of all-time? Wonder no more! While at Manila’s Newport Performing Arts Theater for the 2013 Lenovo Mobile Promotional Tour, Kobe revealed his favorite album, as well as his personal choices for No. 2 and No. 3.

“I have to say Jay-Z’s Reasonable Doubt still remains my favorite album,” said Bryant, who entered the NBA in 1996 the same year that album was released. “American Gangster is a close second. Life After Death with Biggie Smalls. I’ll go with Reasonable Doubt.”

As you probably already know, we have Reasonable Doubthigh up on our list for Jay Z albums, but we gotta admit that American Gangster as "a close second" is a very interesting choice. And it's ahead of Life After Death? Hey, to each their own, right?      

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