Kobe Bryant Names Derek Fisher as His Favorite Teammate of All Time

Wait, not Shaq?

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While in Dubai promoting health and fitness, Kobe Bryant was asked to name his favorite teammate of all-time. If you guessed Smush Parker or Kwame Brown, you would be wrong. Yeah, we had to pick up our jaws, too. OK, we kid, we kid. “My all time favorite teammate has always been Derek Fisher. He’s been my favorite teammate, I would love to see him back in a Lakers uniform so we could kind of finish out together,” Kobe admitted.

Wow, well, we hate to break it to Bryant but Fisher, the guy who played alongside Vino for all five NBA titles, signed a one-year extension with the Oklahoma City Thunder on July 24, 2013. So that long-awaited reunion would have to wait until the 2014-15 season. Until then, the Black Mamba can continue doing what he has been doing, like driving Mike D'Antoni crazy.    

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[via Bleacher Report]

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