An NFL Player Was Reportedly Arrested Over the Weekend for Boating While Intoxicated

Over the weekend, Kevin Kolb was hit with the dreaded BWI: boating while intoxicated.

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This past Saturday, Kevin Kolb was reportedly arrested in Willacy County, Tex. And, according to, Kolb spent nearly 12 hours in jail before getting released on a personal recognizance bond. Now, if you didn't check out the title already, you're probably wondering what did the 29-year-old quarterback do to get placed in cuffs, right? Well, it looks like Kolb was hit with a BWI. 

What's a BWI, you ask? Boating while intoxicated, duh! After suffering a season-ending concussion during the Buffalo Bills preseason last year, Kolb is looking for an opportunity this fall with a new team. This probably isn't a good look for him. 

[via Black Sports Online]

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