Kevin Durant Didn't Let Someone Brag On Twitter About Holding His Own Against KD

Nate Flowers tried to brag on Twitter about holding his own against Kevin Durant, but KD was having none of it.

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Damn, Kevin Durant sees everything. 

If you post a tweet saying the combination of Durant, Russell Westbrook and head coach Scott Brooks will never win a championship, the Oklahoma City Thunder star forward favorites it. 


If you talk crap about one of his teammates, like Nick Collison, he fires back. If you take a swipe at him on Instagram, Durant throws a jab right back. If you say that you held your own once upon a time against him on the court and KD remembers that not being the case, out! 

According to Ballislife, Nate Flowers goes by @waldorfsfinest on Twitter and he used to play against Durant in high school. Here he is just thinking out loud on social media. 


Okay, we've all probably said that before. However, he has examples to back it up. 


Notice how he just refers to Durant as "kd"? A smart move when trying to prevent a message from popping up in the person's mentions. But, like we said before, this guy sees everything! 


This was the start of a lengthy yet entertaining back-and-forth. 






Warning! Warning! Here comes the Tony Allen slight...


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