Kevin Durant Reveals Who Is On His Basketball Mount Rushmore

KD also reveals his 3-on-3 team with one past and one present player.

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The basketball Mount Rushmore. It has the primary topic of discussion over the past couple of days since that infamous LeBron James proclamation. And, as expected, the question has made its way to Kevin Durant. So, without further ado, here is KD's response. 


Kevin Durant says his #basketball Mount Rushmore would be: "Michael, Larry, Magic, Kareem."


Then, in an interview with the Boston Globe, Durant was asked to name his ideal 3-man team with one player being from the past and the other being from the present. For the former category, KD went with Larry Bird because “He does it all...I like his trash talking, for one. He didn’t back down from nothing. He was the toughest guy I’ve ever watched.” For the latter, The Slim Reaper had an interesting response: Dirk Nowitzki. Hmm. Not LeBron, eh? Nice move, KD. 

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