Miami Heat Win the 2013 NBA Finals; Defeat San Antonio Spurs, 95-88, in Game 7

Congrats to the Heat.

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Whether it was the nerves of playing in an all-important Game 7 contest or just fatigue after leaving everything out on the court in Game 6, both teams looked horrible in a first quarter which ended with the Miami Heat leading, 18-16. Over the next two quarters, the game played out much like it has through this series. One team gets a decent lead, the other stages a comeback and even takes a lead of their own, rinse and repeat.

In the end, it was the Heat who came out victorious, defeating the Spurs, 95-88, in Game 7 and becoming the 2013 NBA champions. If you need to look for a reason why Miami is hoisting the Larry O'Brien trophy, look no further than LeBron James, who seemed poised throughout the game, putting together an impressive stat line when it mattered most with 37 points, 12 rebounds and 4 assists, as well as delivering the crucial basket that gave the Heat a two possession lead with less than a minute left.

Even though they were on the losing end, the Spurs' Kawhi Leonard probably got plenty of people's attention. Tonight, Leonard scored 19 points with 16 rebounds and exhibited plenty of heart throughout the series. And of course, there isn't much that needs to be said about the hard work and effort put forth by Tim Duncan and Tony Parker.

In an NBA Finals series as tough and close as this one, it's unfortunate that only one team can come out as winners. This year, it was the Miami Heat.    

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