Cristiano Ronaldo Appears to Be Thirsting After Actress Margot Robbie On Instagram and Do You Blame Him?

Cristiano Ronaldo may have set his sights on a new girl to pursue and she's an actress.

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Cristiano Ronaldo has to be more savvy when it comes to Instagram. Or, maybe when you're one of the best soccer players in the world with one of the wealthiest contracts in the game, you don't have go about sneak-thirsting like the rest of us. Either way, Cristiano loves him some of actress Margot Robbie and he may not care who knows it. 

In a screenshot, courtesy of BroBible, Ronaldo liked four pictures from Robbie's IG account. 

Did CR7 see Margot in that Suicide Squad trailer like...

Do you blame him? 

Ronaldo should probably pump the thirst brakes, though, because Margot is taken andTom Ackerley is the lucky man. 

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[via BroBible]

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