Bob Costas Used to Give Play-by-Play for His Own Pick-Up Basketball Games

When Bob Costas used to play pick-up basketball, he would do his own play-by-play.

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You can take Bob Costas out of the broadcast booth, but you can't take the broadcaster out of Bob Costas. On Wednesday, Adrian Wojnarowski dropped his latest interview with Rod Thorn on The Vertical Podcast With Woj. During their discussion, Thorn revealed that he and Costas would regularly play pick-up basketball throughout his time as coach of the Spirits of the St. Louis. 

According to Thorn, Costas was the type of player who took the pick-up game way, way, way too serious, and would walk onto the court with every accessory known to man. Per of Uproxx:

He saw himself as a player. And he used to play, like after practice, before practice. He and the trainer and Gregg Polinsky, myself, we’d play. And Bob never passed. Ever. And he had on, you know like, wristbands up to his … [laughing] you know, the way guys wear them today. He had that back in those days. Headband. Oh, and long pants. He thought he was a tremendous player.

But that isn't even the best part of Thorn's pick-up basketball confessions about Costas. Wojnarowski asked him about the 64-year-old broadcaster's propensity to deliver play-by-play commentary during his own games. "Oh yeah. He’d take a shot," he said, before breaking out his Costas impression. "'And 20-footer by Costas...good!' Shut up, you’re losing every game, shut up. Yeah, he would do that." 

But wait—no post-game commentary or final thoughts? If you're going to go Costas, you've gotta go full Costas, Bob!

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