This Arizona State Fan Likes Mayonnaise More Than Any One Human Should

Dude didn't really need to rub the mayo on himself.

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The Arizona State Sun Devils' Curtain of Distraction is typically meant to throw off opposing players while they are attempting their free throws from the charity stripe. However, during Saturday's game against Arizona, the Curtain of Distraction effectively threw all of us off when a Sun Devils fan went public with his love of mayonnaise in the most disturbing way possible. 

Now, a respectable amount of mayonnaise consumption is barely acceptable. Like, spreading a nice, thin layer on a sliced bread for a sandwich? That's alright. But shoveling a spoonful of it in your mouth? That's just plain grotesque. And if that sight didn't make you want to throw up in your mouth a little bit, what he did next surely will do the trick. Dude actually started rubbing some of the mayo on his chest, focusing on the nipple area. C'mon, man. ​

At the same time, you have to appreciate the commitment out of Sun Devils fans when it comes to the Curtain of Distraction. Public displays of mayonnaise affection should divert the attention of even the most focused basketball players, and this is what makes the Curtain of Distraction so successful. 

In the future, though, can you guys try to tone down on the nauseating displays? We may never be able to look at mayo ever again without having flashbacks of this guy. It's just not a life worth living.  

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