An NBA Player Wants to Be Called "Django"

You're still U.D. in our eyes.

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Athletes giving themselves a nickname should never be a thing. Recently, Alex Rodriguez posted a picture of himself on Facebook with the caption, "They call me 'Captain Rodriguez.'" And guess what, no one will be referring to Rodriguez by any such name as long as Derek Jeter is still alive and kicking. Anyway, according to Michael Wallace of ESPN's Heat Index, Miami's Udonis Haslem wouldn't like to be called by his name or initials anymore. 

From now on, Haslem says no longer wants to be called Udonis or 'UD'. He said address him in 2013 as Django, FWIW.

Django, huh? Where's the creativity points? C'mon fam! If we could overrule and/or reject your nickname change suggestion, we would.  

[via Ball Don't Lie]

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