Greg Monroe on his Reported "Done Deal" with the Knicks: "It's not factual at all"

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"You write it's a done deal, there must be another Greg Monroe around here that I don't know about, because I haven't agreed to anything," Monroe said before the Pistons' home finale today against the Charlotte Hornets.


"This stuff right here, it's just unfortunate that we have to talk about it," Monroe said. "I know we have to. But I talk to my agent every day, and I know for sure, I'm 100-percent, 1,000-percent confident, that he hasn't done anything. If they (the Knicks) have interest, maybe they might have commented on that. But I haven't even gotten to that place yet."

Monroe said the report by the Daily News' Frank Isola was "not factual at all."

"And we, as players, have to come in and answer for it when we have absolutely nothing to do with it," he said.

[via David Mayo]

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