Lamar Odom Wore Tracksuit to Restaurant Months Before Dominique Wilkins Got Kicked Out for Dress Code

Lamar Odom wore a tracksuit to an Atlanta restaurant the denied Hawks legend Domonique Wilkins entry just a week prior for a similar outfit.


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A recently opened restaurant in Atlanta’s Buckhead area, Le Bilboquet, which has come under fire in the past for only enforcing its dress code on certain patrons, is back in the public eye after allowing former NBA star Lamar Odom entry despite him wearing clothes that seemed to go against the establishment’s tight order.

According to TMZ, Odom arrived at Le Bilboquet in a white tracksuit and sneakers as he attended lunch with a local recording artist in February. Odom appeared to have no problem staying at the restaurant in his tracksuit, whereas two customers were denied entry in May, one being Atlanta Hawk legend Dominque Wilkins.

Wilkins was attempting to eat at Le Bilboquet when he was turned away for not meeting the dress code, despite explaining that he was wearing what he described as “designer casual pants and a shirt.”

The restaurant has since apologized to the NBA legend, saying that they will be revisiting their current dress code requirements, making staff take diversity training, and a few other changes to stop biassed-based incidents like these.

It’s unclear if Odom’s entry into Le Bilboquet means the establishment simply picks and chooses when they want to enforce the dress code. 

“I support Dominique Wilkins 1,000 percent, and I don’t support any form of racism,” Odom told TMZ Sports.

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