The Rock Reveals Why He Used to Sell the Sh*t Out of 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin's Stunners

The Rock finally explained why he used to sell the Stone Cold Stunner so well.

Before he was making short films with Siri and teasing runs for president, The Rock was a WWE superstar who had children and man-children emulating his antics on the couches in their living rooms, and in crudely made backyard rings across the nation.


And though you may have been born in the late '80s or early '90s, and thus responded to that sentence by saying "Duh, WTF?" it's easy to forget sometimes with all he's done since then.

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On that note, in a recent episode of his Handsome Rambler podcast with co-host Tony Trimm, comedian Hannibal Buress spoke on the subject of how well the pre-Hollywood Rock sold the business end of a Stone Cold Stunner back in wrestling's heyday (see: above).

As he is wont to occasionally do, The Rock responded to his fellow Baywatch actor's tweet. He revealed his reactions were so over the top because he and Stone Cold used to bet cases of beer on how nuts he could get with it.

Unfortunately we didn't get the specifics on what that means—like, how does one win this bet, exactly?—but it does explain why he didn't just stay put after falling on his back. Future wrestlers who want to be actors: take notice.

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