Robert Griffin III Calls Ex-Redskins Teammate a Liar in Lengthy Twitter Rant

RG3 called out ex-teammate Santana Moss after he says Moss betrayed him during a Monday morning radio interview.

Robert Griffin III stands near the bench against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field.
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Robert Griffin III stands near the bench against the Philadelphia Eagles at FedEx Field.

On Monday morning, wide receiver Santana Moss, who spent 14 seasons in the NFL—10 of them with the Washington Redskins—went on D.C. radio station 106.7 The Fan to speak on a bit of drama that allegedly went down when Robert Griffin III was in town. (As you probablyremember, there was no shortage of drama when RG3 was in town).

Moss, who was teammates with Griffin for three years, told the station that the ex-QB and Offensive Rookie of the Year celebrated the firing of coach Mike Shanahan, as well as the firing of his son, offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan, only to be treated worse under new coach Jay Gruden.

"You can’t do that," Moss said of the dysfunction at the time. "One thing I’ll just share with you: God don’t like ugly. So the little credit that he did take for saying that, ‘Hey, they didn’t like what I was doing,’ or ‘They benched me and not allowing me to play,’ that’s what happens. So 2014 comes, and Jay Gruden comes in, and he don’t care. We see that now. He doesn’t care. He doesn’t care what he says about you, he doesn’t care what he says at you."

"And he rips RG every chance he gets," Moss continued. "Like, every meeting. And we’re sitting there looking like, ‘Yeah. You know what? You were just so happy that Mike and Kyle and them is gone, but now you’re getting your behind ripped every day, because you’re not playing the kind of football that we need to play for us to be successful. So it comes back and bites you in your behind. Because now you see this guy is at home. And, to be honest with you, I give it to you raw. I don’t know no other way to give it to you—raw and uncut, I always say that."

From there, Moss apparently intimated that RG3 put on a nice guy act for the public while being more of a jerk behind the scenes. In response to this, Griffin (who is currently a free agent after one injury-filled season in Cleveland) took to his Twitter account, and eschewed the notion of sub-tweeting in favor of just straight-up calling Moss out. Read away:

Man, have things changed since that rookie year of his.

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