Rams RB Tre Mason Punched Hole in Wall, Made Statements About Al Qaeda According to Bizarre Police Report

Rams running back Tre Mason recently had a bizarre encounter with police that sounds so crazy you'd think it was made-up.

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St. Louis Rams third-year running back Tre Mason has been a no-show at the team's training camp thus far this summer, with head coach Jeff Fisher even saying he hadn't talked to anyone in the organization since freakin' 2015. While that sounds extremely ominous, a police report from an encounter that occurred on July 23 should make it pretty clear why.

TMZ reports Mason has had the cops called on him five times over the past four months by his family who is concerned for his mental well-being, with July 23 being the most recent encounter. On that day police responded to his Palm Beach, Fla. home after his mother told them he was "acting unusual and making irrational statements."

Upon seeing the cops 22-year-old Mason told them he was going to call up the White House and have them fired, and then kept down that bizarre track by making statements about Al Qaeda.

Identifying this as a definite red flag, the responding officers further investigated the home where they found a hole that was punched into the wall in his bedroom in addition to a broken lamp and vase. The officers also noticed Mason's hand was cut, though he turned down medical treatment.

A police report was filed (obviously) with the officer who wrote it up making clear that Mason was unable to make decisions for himself. His heavily redacted report said:

"I believe that Trence does not have the [redacted] ability to make decisions at this time and therefore he was transported to [redacted] where he was treated for the laceration and admitted for evaluation under the [redacted]."

Seems like a good side story for Hard Knocks to mention this year. Count on it being brought up at some point.

Mason played in 13 games for the Rams last season, starting in three of them.

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