President Obama Makes His Super Bowl and NBA Finals Picks

Listen to President Obama make his picks for the Super Bowl and the NBA Finals.

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President Obama appeared on Sway in the Morning on SiriusXM's Shade 45 on Friday morning and touched on a variety of topics, including sports. Sway asked the POTUS to pick which teams he thinks will win the Super Bowl and NBA Finals in 2017, and while he didn't get too bold with his predictions, he showed that, when he's not busy, you know, leading the country, he follows what's going on in the sports world. He started by picking the Warriors to win the Finals, because, well, who isn't picking the Warriors to win the Finals?

"Just because [Kevin] Durant, that addition, I just think they have too much firepower," he said, before commenting on the team's first game of the season. "But they just got spanked on their first game so it'll take them awhile to figure stuff out." He didn't say who he thinks the Warriors will face in the Finals, but we doubt he would have gone with anyone other than LeBron James and the Cavaliers.

Piggybacking off that question, Sway in the Morning co-host Heather B. then asked the most powerful man in the world who he has in the Super Bowl. The President struggled a little with that question, but once again, he picked the team that most others are picking. "Super Bowl's tougher," he said. "I got to say at this point you'd have to put your money on [Tom] Brady again. You know, I don't really see any strong teams. Seattle and Patriots have a [Super Bowl 49] rematch. That's my call."

Elsewhere in the interview, Obama was asked about his favorite rappers. "I think the young guys, Kendrick [Lamar] and Chance [the Rapper], are doing amazing work," he said. "Chance I’ve known for years ’cause his dad was my state director when I was a senator in Illinois. I first met Chance when he was eight years old." He also said his daughters love Drake, and he said Jay Z is "still the king" before adding, "Same with Kanye."

You can hear him talk about those rappers here:

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