Matt Barnes: I Would Beat Derek Fisher and Colin Kaepernick in a Fight

Matt Barnes doesn’t think Derek Fisher or Colin Kaepernick could beat him in a fight.

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By now, you know Matt Barnes hates Derek Fisher. Like, really hates him. He also hates Colin Kaepernick for some strange reason, even though he's never really explained why. According to TMZ Sports report from May 2015, Barnes "hates his guts" because the 49ers quarterback once made him feel "disrespected." We'll let you use your imagination to try and guess what that might mean, but regardless of the reason, Barnes hates both Fisher and Kaepernick.

Just in case that wasn't clear, a TMZ Sports cameraman bugged Barnes at the airport on Tuesday morning by asking him which of the two men he would rather fight for charity, and, not surprisingly, Barnes said he would "f*ck both of them up." However, Barnes must have been in a good mood, because he also added that he wouldn't want to fight either of them. So until some charity out there manages to arrange for one or both of these fights to happen, you'll just have to settle for the virtual version of Barnes vs. Fisher.

That's not all Barnes talked about with TMZ Sports, either. Before the TMZ Sports cameraman asked about him which opponent he would rather fight, he also asked Barnes his opinion about whether or not Steven Adams should get a break for the controversial comments he made following Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals. Barnes was clearly unconcerned about Adams' choice of words and said, "I don't think he meant any harm by it," before cracking up when he was told that Adams called the Warriors guards "quick little monkeys" on live TV.

Check out the interview in the clip above. Every paparazzo's eyes must light up when they see Barnes walking through the airport.

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