LeBron James Calls Tristan Thompson Situation "A Distraction"

Posted very clear message to the team's brass on Instagram last night.

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LeBron James could not have made his message to the Cavaliers any more succinct than he did last night when he posted "Get it done!!!!!" regarding the team's ongoing contract negotiations with Tristan Thompson. He decided to post the message after spending most of the day with Thompson at a wedding. While it appeared to be a suggestion (or direction) to the brass, LeBron claimed the message wasn't entirely for the team's management, saying today after practice "Throughout the negotiation process, it's always both sides." He also said "I'm not going to go to them and tell them what they should do."

From there he continued to get his thoughts out on the impasse, saying:

"It's kind of like the elephant in the room all over, for everybody. Hopefully some resolve can happen sooner than later. You know, obviously, we continue to say, I continue to say how his value to us is extreme, as we saw last year in the postseason, throughout the season.
"I'm not here to talk about numbers, things of that nature, because that's for them, for both sides to figure out. The last thing you need is a distraction when you try to make a championship run. And we have that right now. And it's unfortunate for both sides that we're going through it right now as a team. It's not an excuse, we will be ready to go but hopefully something happens in the near future."

He also said it was "probably the last time" he was going to bring it up. With only 23 days left until the regular season we'd think one of these sides is going to have to blink soon.

[via ESPN]

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