Glen Davis Appears on "His & Hers," Suggests Matt Barnes Isn't Lying About Hooking Up With Rihanna

On "His & Hers," Glen Davis strongly implies that Matt Barnes wasn't lying about his Rihanna hook up.

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If you sit around watching ESPN's forced debate shows all day it's likely your brain has turned to mush, and you hate tweet Skip Bayless over topics you later realize you don't give the slightest damn about. It's really hard to find a silver lining to tuning into this crop of crap, until today that is, when you would've learned whether or not Glen Davis thinks Matt Barnes banged Rihanna (Answer: "he knows her"). Previously, Davis had revealed that his former teammate was "obsessed" with the Barbadian superstar.

Of course, we all know what Rihanna had to say about this. It was a resounding (and publicly humiliating "no"). Not only did she reject the idea, she hash-tagged that the two had never even met and called it "defamation of character." Still there will always be those who view emphatic denials as cover-ups. Besides, if you had sex with Matt Barnes would you really want anyone to know?

Please think about it and then (if you want) answer with a "yes" or "no" in the comments section, along with your reasoning.

[via His & Hers/Black Sports Online]

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