Why DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry Are the Tightest Knit Star Tandem in the NBA

When it comes to NBA star teammates, no two are closer than Toronoto's DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry.

When it comes to players who played in this year's All-Star Game, no pair is tighter than LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony. Sure, Melo lucked out on missing that banana boat paparazzi shot, but that relationship is very well documented. We mean, there have been actual longform pieces written about it. But unless the Knicks or Cavs blink in the next few days, those two won't be teammates in any games this season that actually matter.

Instead, when it comes to star teammates suiting up in the same regular season uniform, there are none closer than Toronto's repeat All-Star tandem of DeMar DeRozan and Kyle Lowry. Those two actually look like they're having fun, and their off-court bromance was so legit that it even made Kevin Durant yearn for a similar one after he witnessed it first-hand at the 2016 Olympics.

On top of that, their on-court chemistry is every bit as formidable. While many NBA fans were already aware of the damage they could inflict on opposing teams, they really rose to mainstream attention last year when they pushed eventual champion Cleveland to six games in the Eastern Conference Finals.

Maybe they'll top that this year, maybe they won't. Whatever. All we're saying is it's fun to watch. And hopefully it stays fun to watch, because, as we've seen all too many times, these things have a way of falling apart quickly when free agency time comes rolling around.

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