Anderson Silva Back, Ready to Fight

Anderson Silva (who suffered a broken left leg in a gruesome injury) will return to UFC action on January 31, 2015.

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After an injury that made people everywhere gasp and clutch their legs (don't click this link!), former Middleweight Champion Anderson Silva will return to the octagon on January 31st in Las Vegas. Previously, the 39-year-old had waffled on retirement when he fractured both his left tibia and fibula (which was later stabilized with an iron rod), now he'll get his chance to return to the spotlight and face Nick Diaz in a comeback that few (Joe Theismann, Willis McGahee) can even comprehend.


BREAKING: Dana White says #LIVEonSC Anderson Silva is healthy and will return to @UFC to fight Nick Diaz on Jan. 31.

— SportsCenter (@SportsCenter) July 29, 2014

No word yet on what Diaz's plan will be, but to test that left leg? We'd say: bad tact, good strategy. 

[via SportsCenter]

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