Report: Browns Security Had to Search for Johnny Manziel Yesterday

Browns security reportedly had to search for Johnny Manziel yesterday when he failed to show up for treatment.

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Hope the hangover was worth it.

Cleveland Browns rookie quarterback Johnny Manziel took an already bad first season and made it even worse yesterday. He failed to show up on time for treatment on his injured hamstring, and failed not only to tell the team he was going to be late, but also to answer his phone when they called regarding his whereabouts; concerned for their player’s wellbeing, the Browns had to dispatch team security to go find him.

What had Manziel been doing the previous night? Throwing a huge party at his house, of course. Among those in attendance were wide receiver Josh Gordon and Manziel’s fellow first round pick Justin Gilbert, who like Manziel both missed the walkthrough yesterday and were suspended for today’s season finale.

It was just this past Tuesday when Manziel spoke candidly with reporters, saying things like “I have to take this a lot more seriously” and “It’s been a year of growing up for me.” Obviously, it was not a year of learning to be sincere.

Maybe he meant that the whole “take this a lot more seriously” thing would start next season?

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