“Clipper Darrell” Loves Steve Ballmer

Steve Ballmer has officially received the "Clipper Darrell" seal of approval.

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Have you been dying to know what Clipper Darrell thinks of the ownership change of his beloved Clippers? Of course you have. You have probably barely slept, hardly able to keep a thought straight.

Well, fear no more! Our answer has arrived.

Darrell finally posted the following on Instagram:

It's official: Darrell is excited! Is this the way we’d want a typical grown-ass man to react to something as simple as his favorite team’s owner changing? Probably not.

But Clipper Darrell is no ordinary man. He has stood by this team through thick and thin, supporting them even when the team was horrible and their owner was a racist that everybody simply ignored. So we say to you, Darrell: keep fighting the good fight. Do you.

And, if they can get a big free agent, we’d love to see what he does for an encore.

[via The Big Lead]

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