This Halo Warthog Replica Converted From a 1983 Land Rover Defender is for Sale

Make a reasonable offer and you might get your hands on an incredible replica of Master Chief's ride.

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Peter Cooper is directing a fan-film based on the events of the X-Box first person shooter, Halo, and it is going to be awesome. How can we be so sure, despite the fact that we haven't actually seen any footage? He's bought and stripped a 1983 Land Rover Defender and re-built it into the Warthog from the video game series. Click through the thumbs above for a look at some of the details (the Land Rover used is the last image) and tell us you wouldn't put total faith in this man's ability to produce a genuine article Halo movie. Though the status of the film is still hazy, the good news is that the ride is now actually for sale, with Cooper taking offers on his Twitter account. Hit him up with your best offer and it could be yours.

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[via Geekologie]

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