Watch Michigan DB Jabrill Peppers Show Off His Crazy Hops Jumping Over This Hawaii Defender

The Wolverines defensive leader Jabrill Peppers has hops that can get him drafted, like, today.

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Labor Day weekend means that college students across the country have moved back to their school's campus, and there is an abundance of college football games to watch on TV. One of the games on Saturday is Michigan facing Hawaii on their home field in Ann Arbor. This play is an early contender for best of the young season thus far.

Wolverines junior DB Jabrill Peppers is the team's defensive leader, and his 2015 stats already has NFL scouts watching him for next April's draft. As one of his team's greatest assets, he's making BCS experts predict that Michigan is destined for playoff contention later this season.

This punt return play during the first quarter of the game shows this guy is a freak of nature that can clear just about anyone whenever he wants. Watch as he runs the ball back just short of Hawaii's 40-yard line.

Wait, how did he...? Wow. Regardless if it ended up being a dead play, it's still absolutely stupid how high this guy gets up over this Hawaii defender.

Here's a closer look in slow motion to review  how sick this really was.

He could've just ran the ball out of bounds knowing that a defender was coming for him. But when you got hops and athletic ability like Peppers, why not air-walk over someone like he's a hurdle at the Olympics, right?

Although we've seen plays similar to this like when Ezekiel Elliot was at Ohio State a year ago, there better be more as the season goes on. Because it is still awesome to watch when it happens. 

If you're a young football player reading this, keep working on those abs and calf raises everyday. Maybe you can get Peppers' leaping ability too.

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