TCU Rallies From 31-Point Deficit To Stun Oregon in 3OT Thriller at the Alamo Bowl

TCU rallies from a record 31-point deficit to beat Oregon in the Alamo Bowl

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Most of the college football bowl games have been really boring. Blowout after blowout, it's hard to not be tempted to change the channel and search for something else less mindless on TV. But tonight's Alamo Bowl has gone down as one of the greatest comebacks in college football history.

No. 11-ranked TCU was down a whopping 31 points at halftime to No. 15-ranked Oregon. The halftime speech in that TCU locker room must have been something out of Remember The Titans that gut-checked the Horn Frogs. Their starting quarterback Trevone Boykin was out due to a bar fight that got him arrested this past Wednesday, so they had no choice but to get the win for theirdrunken soldier.

The Frogs took the Ducks to triple overtime to pull off the miracle. The final score was 47-41, matching the largest rally ever in a bowl game (Texas Tech is the only other team to post a 31-point rally, winning the 2006 Insight Bowl).

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