The Internet Is Freaking Out About Lamar Jackson's 4 TDs and Louisville Destroying NC State

Lamar Jackson threw for 304 yards before the intermission.

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Everyone is handing Lamar Jackson the Heisman trophy. As for the photo of him above, he looks like he's already done the same in his mind while trampling over the Wolfpack on Saturday.

Jackson and Louisville (6-1) routed NC State (4-3) 44-0 by halftime (...halftime). Think about that for a second. That's the score of a blowout after four quarters—not two.

Jackson threw for 304 yards on three touchdowns, and 55 rushing yards, including this one in the clip below bustin' loose for another before the intermission.

It's all offense today for the Cardinals, as their defense is even becoming their offense with Jackson on plays like this interception from their defensive back Trumaine Washington here.

Lamar Jackson even had to get the Running Man Challenge going to celebrate the slaughter of the Pack.


And the laser pass on this TD, though...


NC State would eventually get on the board and score 13 points in the second half. But Louisville ran up the score 10 more points in the final half for a final score of 54-13.

Jackson has 34 touchdowns on the season, a single-season school record. This is Week 8 in the college football season, just to remind you. Everyone is freaking over Jackson's performance, as they should. The kid is unreal. If he doesn't win in December, it's going to piss a lot of people off.

But let's not plant that seed of doubt for now because everyone is raving over Jackson's domination in the college football ranks this season. Here's what Twitter had to say.

Lamar Jackson's so good he just tackled himself.

— Jeff Greer (@jeffgreer) October 22, 2016

When Lamar Jackson falls down it still looks spectacular.

— Ken Faith (@lou_card) October 22, 2016

Lamar Jackson should be arrested on the field for what he doing to these boys.

— Trill Axelrod (@TheTrillAC) October 22, 2016

Can we just give Lamar Jackson the Heisman trophy now ?

— Isaac “Ice” Likekele💙🏁 (@_Issaaac) October 22, 2016

Before the game NC State players were flashing Ls down to the crowd. Then Lamar Jackson happened

— Heisman Cardinal (@OutkastCard) October 22, 2016

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