Meet Byron Cowart: The No. 1 Ranked Recruit Who Is Catching All Sorts of Hell for Picking Auburn

Gator fans blast Byron Cowart, the No. 1 ranked recruit in the nation, for choosing Auburn over Florida.


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It's National Signing Day, the annual televised hat fitting during which top high school recruits announce their respective college programs. It's also a day for college football fans to praise or accost freakishly athletic teenagers, depending on where these guys decide to continue their education play.

This morning, NFL-ready defensive end and No. 1 overall player on the ESPN 300, Byron Cowart (see highlights below), announced that he'll be playing at Auburn, a choice that surprised many in his native Florida, especially since the Gators were considered by some to be the front-runner entering Wednesday.

As Paul Finebaum's learned the hard way, hell hath no fury like an SEC fan scorned. As evidence, see the onslaught of tweets populating Cowart's now-defunct at mentions. 

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