Aaron Rodgers Explains His Famous Smoking Signal

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers explain his widely circulated smoking signal.

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Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers was asked about his widely circulated "smoking" signal during a radio interview with ESPN Wisconsin on Tuesday. The gesture, which features Rodgers miming a hit, has been a Vine favorite for quite some time and, apparently, the signal's connection to Internet weirdness doesn't end there.

"That was just a tribute to Jay Cutler, because there's that 'Smoking Jay' web site," Rodgers told ESPN's Jason Wilde, "So, I was just doing a tribute to him."

Rodgers then expanded on the signal's back story, explaining that it's a dummy signal because "...you're a dummy if you smoke dope."

Rodgers' version of events does have some obvious holes, though. First, Jay Cutler's smoking cigarettes in his meme, while Aaron Rodgers is doing a two finger squeeze in his hand signal, You'd have to be a complete lunatic to smoke cigarettes like you've just been passed a joint at Coachella and are trying to hide it from event security. Second, Rodgers probably wouldn't freely admit to the team's dummy signals via ESPN Wisconsin, but it's still funny.

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