Video: Jalen Rose Admits That He Injured Kobe Bryant On Purpose During the 2000 NBA Finals

It came back to bite him.

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This is…bizarre. During a recent podcast with Grantland, Jalen Rose sat down with David Jacoby to discuss an unwritten rule of basketball. If you're not familiar with it, Rose reveals that that rule is that you never put your foot or feet underneath another player when he takes a jump shot because it could cause a serious foot or ankle injury.

However, in the same breath, Rose quickly admits that he has broken the unwritten rule several times throughout the course of his career. Most notably, he broke it during Game 2 of the 2000 NBA Finals when Rose, then a member of the Pacers, stuck his foot under Kobe Bryantand sprained his ankle. He also jokingly admits that he did it on purpose.

Don't worry, though. Karma came back to get Rose just a few years later when Kobe dropped 81 on his Raptors. Still, is this really something that he should be copping to right now? We'll let you be the judge. Either way, it makes for a great story. Watch the video to hear it.

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[via Grantland]

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