Shots Fired! Magic Johnson Rips Dwight Howard and the Lakers

Everyone is mad at the Lakers today.

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Magic Johnson wasn't happy with the way that Dwight Howard and the Lakers finished their 2012-13 NBA season last night. The Lake Show got shellacked by the Spurs at the Staples Center and were swept out of the first round of the playoffs for the first time since 1967. And Howard wasn't there to finish out the game, because he got ejected in the third quarter of the contest. So, Magic took to Twitter after the final buzzer and shared his views on the playoff performances put forth by Howard and his teammates:

Laker Nation: Dwight Howard that was a big No, No. Your teammates and the fans were counting on you.
LN: Dwight, I've been swept before but I never let my team down by getting kicked out of the game.
LN: Dwight with an already depleted team you couldn't afford to foul out or get kicked out. Having you on the floor …
Laker Nation: I'm sooooooooooo happy the season is over. With the talent on this team this could go down as one of t…

Ouch. Coming from Magic, that has to hurt.

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