Shots Fired! Kevin Durant Ripped Skip Bayless On Twitter Today

KD's had enough of Skip.

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Earlier today, we told you about how LeBron James and Kevin Duranthave been working out together. And, it's already caused some controversy.

On this morning's episode of ESPN's First Take, Skip Bayless and Stephen A. Smith got into a very spirited discussion about the two of them training together. Bayless wasn't happy about it, and he said so during the course of the show. Skip then proceeded to jump onto his Twitter account after the show was over to continue badgering KD.

"Wake up, KD," he wrote. "LeBron is keeping his friends close and his enemies closer. You're letting him OWN you."

Shortly after that tweet was sent out, KD decided he'd had enough. So, he fired off a tweet of his own and directed it at Bayless.

"@RealSkipBayless u brainwashing these people out here," he wrote. "they think since you on espn you know what u talkin bout…please, nobody owns me."

He deleted the tweet almost immediately. But, this is the Internet, so…Peep the tweets in the thumbs. And then, let us know whose side you're on. Much as we hate to admit it, Bayless does have a point here. But, we appreciate KD sticking up for himself, too.

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