Shaq's Son Shareef Discusses What Would Happen If He Played 1-on-1 Against LaMelo Ball

Shaq's son Shareef says he would beat LaMelo Ball 1-on-1 if they ever played against one another.

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Even though he’s only 17, Shaquille O’Neal’s son Shareef is already every bit as confident on the basketball court as his dad used to be. Back in May, TMZ Sports asked him if he thought he could keep up with LeBron James on the court, and he didn’t shy away from letting everyone know that he thinks he could do more than hold his own:

We highly, highly, highly doubt Shareef would stand much of a chance against LeBron (then again, who would?!), but we do think LaMelo Ball would prove to be easy work for him. And Shareef said the same when TMZ Sports caught up with him again and asked him if he thinks he could beat the youngest Ball brother 1-on-1.

"I know him off the court," Shareef said. "He’s cool. Never played against him. But I can [beat him]."

The TMZ Sports reporter then asked Shareef, "Would you do him like you did Quavo?" while referencing the pickup game Shareef played with the Migos rapper recently.

Shareef laughed before saying: "Yeah, anybody who is front of me can [get it]. I’m not going to say nobody’s going to stop me. I might as well say everybody can get it."

Shareef already kind of did that when he said he thinks he could beat LeBron, didn’t he? He also once said he could beat his own dad 1-on-1. But that’s probably not going to stop the paparazzi from asking him who else he thinks he can beat.

Check out the clip above to see Shareef talking to TMZ Sports about why LaMelo wouldn’t stand a chance.

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