Tennis Pro Sergiy Stakhovsky Isn't Going to Let His Daughter Play the Sport Because "Almost Every Other [Female] Player Is a Lesbian"

He also doesn't think any male tennis pros are gay.

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Pro player Sergiy Stakhovsky doesn't plan on allowing his young daughter to play tennis when she gets older. But it has nothing to do with the grind involved with the game or anything like that.

Instead, during a recent interview with the Ukranian website, Stakhovsky said it's because he believes half of the women who play pro tennis are gay. Unlike male tennis, which he believes has a "normal atmosphere" with no gay players, Stakhovsky responded to some recent comments Martina Navratilova made about gay male players by saying that he thinks 50 percent of female players are lesbians.

"She has no clue at all what men's tennis is," he said. "And she has nothing to do with [men's tennis]. On the WTA Tour, almost every other player is a lesbian. Can you imagine? Half of them. So I for sure won't send my daughter to play tennis."

Welp. Elsewhere in the interview, Stakhovsky also talked more about how he doesn't think any top male tennis pros are gay.

"If there was anything, we'd know about it," he said, "because it's a very closed circle. Earlier, there used to be talk about [Richard] Gasquet, about [Rafael] Nadal, even about [Roger] Federer. I won't sacrifice my hand for the whole tour and the new guys who are just joining, but in the backbone of the top 100, there are definitely no gays."

Stakhovsky got knocked out of the first round of Wimbledon this summer, but something tells us that's about to become the least of his problems.

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