Reggie Miller Reveals He Almost Had a Meaty Role in a Tupac Movie

Reggie Miller almost played a role in the 1997 Tupac movie ‘Gang Related.’

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When Dan Patrick asked Reggie Miller, "Did you ever meet Tupac?" during his appearance on The Dan Patrick Show Tuesday morning—just hours after news about the death of Tupac's mother was announced—he probably wasn’t expecting the answer that Miller provided for him. The former NBA star said he did meet Tupac, and he also revealed he was actually supposed to make an appearance in Tupac's 1997 movie Gang Related, which also starred Jim Belushi. The scene he filmed didn’t make the final cut, but according to Miller, it called for him to play a very interesting role.

"I played me as a hot dog vendor," Miller said. "It was during the first [NBA] lockout [in 1995]. I was supposed to have fallen on hard times, and I was a hot dog vendor. But it didn't make the movie."

"Did you have dialogue?" Patrick asked.

"I did," Miller replied. "With Tupac and with Jim. It was pretty funny actually. I can't believe it didn't make it."

Check out the clip above to hear Miller talk more about meeting Tupac, as well as the 2016 NBA Playoffs.

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