President Obama Compares His Team to the Miami Heat, Says Mitt Romney Is Jeremy Lin

Shots fired.

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You remember what happened when Jeremy Lin played against the Miami Heat last season, right? After a series of strong performances, Lin got absolutely destroyed by the Heat. He shot 1-for-11 from the field and struggled mightily against Mario Chalmers. So, President Barack Obama reportedly just used that game to throw a shot at Mitt Romney.

"We're the Miami Heat," the President said recently, according to a New York Times story that was published over the weekend, "and he's Jeremy Lin."

Not bad, Mr. President. Although you do realize that Lin was a media darling last season and that everyone hated the Heat, correct? So, you might want to steer clear of the sports-related analogies in the future, especially those pertaining to Linsanity.

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[via SB Nation]

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