Married Suns Player P.J. Tucker Deletes Instagram Account After Rumors About Him Dating Blac Chyna Spread

Is P.J. Tucker really dating Blac Chyna?

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Is Suns forward P.J. Tucker secretly hooking up with Tyga's ex Blac Chyna? If you believe everything you read on the Internet—and really, why wouldn't you?!—then yes! But regardless of whether or not he's actually dating her on the low, Tucker may have landed himself in some hot water this weekend.

According to several sites, including Jocks & Stiletto Jill, Tucker and Blac Chyna have been seeing each other for at least a few weeks now. There's no hard evidence of this and no photos of them together exist. But Blac Chyna started the speculation back in March when she posted a photo of her at a Suns/Nets game on Instagram. And last week, she seemed to confirm that her and Tucker are a thing when she posted a video of her and a person she identified as "Zaddy" at a club in the Bay Area. In the video, she and "Zaddy" show off matching watches as Fetty Wap's "Trap Queen" plays in the background:


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"Zaddy" is not identified and his face is never shown. But because the Suns were in California to play the Warriors last week and because the tattoos on "Zaddy" look like the same tattoos Tucker has, people started to connect the two. This Instagram photo of Blac Chyna wearing a man's T-shirt along with the caption "6'6"—which just so happens to be Tucker's height—has also raised a few eyebrows:


And while this normally wouldn't be all that newsworthy—surprise, NBA players date models/video vixens/hot girls that they spot on Instagram all the time!—it's making headlines now because Tucker is (gasp!) married. It's also making headlines because, once the rumors about Tucker and Blac Chyna started to spread, Tucker went and deleted his Instagram account. Black Chyna also deleted all of the Instagram posts in question and, well, that's where we're at now.

Could this all be some sort of mix-up? We guess. But let this be a lesson to everyone: If you're gonna creep with someone, DON'T POST ANYTHING EVEN SLIGHTLY INCRIMINATING ON INSTAGRAM! Or else...

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